Planning your projects is not a matter of guessing at the future, but creating the future by scheduling events


Project Management

How to successfully orchestrate the people, resources and tasks it takes to bring any seismic project in on time and within budget ... and

How to plan, schedule and budget any seismic project so that 99.73% of the time the work will be completed in range of Te + 3 standard deviations ...

This three-day (24 hours) workshop is the most practical and comprehensive introduction to the many facets of project management you'll find anywhere... it is specifically designed for the seismic exploration industry.

Participants will get a thorough briefing in the nuts and bolts of planning, scheduling, budgeting. They'll gain the communication skills it takes to get ideas, instructions and requests across quickly and accurately. They will learn how to stay on top of deadlines and expenses ... ways to rebound quickly from surprises and setbacks ... and how to get the best from people who don't normally report to them.

Everyone who attends this workshop will come away in a strong position to lead any seismic project with confidence and discipline - from drawing board to finished product.

The unique three-day workshop that takes the mystery out of successful project management


HOW TO manage and work on projects while you're juggling your regular job responsibilities

HOW TO set realistic time lines and goals for your projects

HOW TO apply the universal 5-stage project management model

HOW TO develop your project plan and get it started in the right direction

HOW TO build flexibility and contingency plans instead of putting fires out

WHAT immediate actions you can take to save bogged-down or derailed projects

HOW TO set up checkpoints to gauge the project's progress along the way

HOW TO use two types of project reviews to give you early warning of trouble ahead

TIPS for keeping project team members focused, committed and motivated

HOW TO keep your projects on track, ...learn more about Earned Value Management (EVM), the most accurate tool for controlling the project progress against the project plan.

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24 hours

of total immersion in all the skills you need to steer a project successfully from beginning to end




Who will benefit most?


  • Self-taught project managers seeking formal and new skills

  • Project teams having trouble juggling their tasks and responsibilities

  • People with limited experience in spearheading a project

  • Anyone about to step into a project manager role for the first time


Who should attend?


  • Geophysicists

  • Geologists

  • Operation Managers

  • Birddogs

  • Cat Pushers

  • Recording Managers

  • Anyone responsible for the project schedule and budget

  • Anyone responsible for a turn-key projects


The fundamentals of project planning ...


  • The basic purpose of planning

  • How to recognize and overcome the barriers to good planning

  • When planning really is a waste of time

  • The one rule to use for determining how much time to allow for planning

  • How to use a simple planning "safety net" to make sure nothing falls through a crack

  • Planning the time dimension - how to use PERT, Gantt, CPM - choosing the technique best suited to your needs

  • How to estimate a project's cost

  • How to make a powerful case for more resources when you need them

  • There are 3 commonly accepted ways to provide for contingencies in a project plan - we'll show you which one top project managers prefer

Realistic Project Plan and Sound Project Management ...


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Good project managers are worth their weight in gold these days. That's because they know how to make things happen ...

Given the shortage of qualified project managers, upper management is often forced to "draft" people into service and hope that they'll learn as they go. As a result, few actually develop the critical skills it takes to approach the job with the discipline and tools it takes to do it right.


By attending our workshop you'll learn the "hard", practical skills of project management ...


In fact that Project Management is a profession, a body of knowledge, a certification process or even simply a more formal way of doing things is not yet fully realized

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