Refining the Focus

Project Management was developed to save time on a project by planning it out and considering all relevant factors which may affected its outcome. The benefits are proven - it saves time and money, and generates a successful outcome. This is accomplished by using specific management processes.


Today, in most cases, the role of the Prime Contractor (executing seismic projects) is awarded either to:


Project Management Companies (PMC) (Geo Land and Field Services)


Data Acquisition Companies (DAC)


The primary responsibility of the Prime Contractor is to manage and execute projects according to an agreed budget, schedule and specifications.

An interesting finding was discovered when the prime contractor is a PMC, the DAC is rarely a contributor in the project's failure because they only focus on data acquisition (their primary line of business). However, when the DAC is the prime contractor, the failures are similar because now they are trying to manage all the facets of the project (project management is not their primary line of business).

We can conclude that majority of contributors in failing seismic projects are identified in the pre-recording phase; using operations management prerogatives instead of a specific project management processes; .


Do you actually have a project to apply the benefits to?

You must determine if you actually have a project before applying Project Management to it. The following should help you decide:

  • Is it unique? Variables, parameters, resources, and geography make all projects unique

  • Does it have a common objective amongst a group and involve multiple resources? Project Management is very much a team or group activity. It involves the co-ordination of resources (people, equipment, material) to achieve a unique, common and agreed goal

  • Does it have constraints on time, cost and quality?

  • Does it involve elements of risk, human resources, communication and delivery?


If so, you should use


Real-World Project Management  


Real-World Seismic Project Management

We will give you the expertise and tools you need to deliver your projects as you promised


 99.73% of the time your projects will be completed within the

range of Te  (+ three standard deviations)

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and gain skills that will serve not only you and your organization, but most of all


Real-World Project Management

Cost Performance Index


Tracking Project using EVM

* * *

By using proven planning and control Project Management methods you will define and achieve agreed goals, and co-ordinate multiple resources within time and cost restraints.

A simple and straightforward process will set the way for successful use of Project Management

which is what we excel at


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