The unique three-day workshop that takes the mystery out of successful project management ...

  • Master the art of project planning and organize your project from start to finish - without omissions, mistakes, or miscalculations.

  • Use better communication techniques to get the cooperation, support, and resources that are vital to the project's success.

  • Root out waste in every stage of the project - wasted time, money, and effort that endanger a project's success.

  • Identify and use indispensable planning and scheduling tools that assure the project is implemented as planned.

  • Estimate time and cost with pinpoint accuracy, using a simple 3-point approach that reduces the risk of costly delays and errors.

  • Learn how to efficiently use  MS Project software.

... and much more



By attending our workshop you will learn ...

  • How to define the Scope of the Project

  • How to Develop a Detailed Project Plan

  • How to Launch the Plan

  • How to Control Project Progress

  • How and why to Close Out the Project

  • How to master Microsoft Project software to accomplish all the above

. . . and much more


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