To find out how our Project Management Workshops are doing and where improvements may be made we asked participants ten simple questions. It is important to mention that none of the participants had prior knowledge of Project Management specific processes, though the majority of them had experience in seismic operations. The questions were rated on a scale 1 to 5, (5 being the highest score) and the results are shown in Table 1.  

Table 1.

Questions Asked

Score %

What is your overall rating of the workshop?

5 100

How well did the workshop content meet your expectations?

5 100

Do you know more about Project Management now than before the workshop?

4 80

Did the workshop contain practical information that you can use at work?

5 100

Was the practical demonstration of Project Management helpful?

5 100

How confident are you in using MS Project in your next seismic project?

2 40

When using MS Project software would you require additional training or coaching?

4 80

Do you agree that Project Management is much more than "just getting stuff done"?

5 100

Do you agree that proper training in Project Management is essential for a projects success?

5 100

Do you agree that the Project Management Discipline should be the standard operating procedure used to manage seismic projects?

5 100

Analysis of results in Table 1.

The analysis of the results in Table 1 clearly indicates that questions 6 and 7 are directly linked to MS Project software. As with any software, to use it efficiently, you must "play" with it to discover all the nuts and bolts that make it work. To be fully functional as a Real-World Project Manager you must gain experience on one or two seismic projects. The best, most efficient and fastest way to achieve this is working with an experienced project manager (your personal coach).


Participants in previous workshops

  • Complete Land Services Ltd.

  • BP Canada Energy Group ULC

  • CGG Veritas

  • Clean Harbors Expl. Services

  • Nexen Inc.

  • Talisman Energy Inc.

  • Independent Individuals (cat pushers, surveyors, supervisors ...)

Planning, Planning, Planning ...

It's hard to overestimate the importance of planning for project(s) such as seismic projects; any project for that matter. In general, project failures in most cases can be traced back to deficiencies in the planning process....

Earned Value components (PV, AC, EV) are derived from the detailed and realistic project plan. Planning the project is the most difficult phase of project management.

We are offering our students (after the completion of the workshop) 1 hour of free consultation in the planning phase. Just fill in the Request Form including your ID from the workshop you participated in and help is on the way.

"If we rely on a routine application of someone else's yesterday's methodology, we are sure to fell short of the mark"