New Project

Preliminary AFE using Gantt Chart
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When a new project is initiated Artiva Group provides two levels of services - directly to the requestor (usually an oil company) and to the prime contractor (usually geophysical company or geo land and field services company). Our services to both levels are of superior quality and with one focus in mind and that is to complete the projects -
on time, within budget, and to specifications
Using Artiva's expertise to manage your projects from start to completion benefits the requestor in an overall reduction of the project cost. The benefits to the prime contractor are in submitting to the requestor a "Winning Proposal".
Preliminary AFE
Throughout the project life cycle, cost is a major consideration. The requesting client may offer a cost figure about equal to what they had in mind for the project. Depending on how well thought out it was, their number could be fairly close to or far from the mark. The cost in this phase is usually picked up from the previous project done in the area. Since there are no two projects executed under the same conditions, these preliminary costs are usually off either way and of little value. We found out that some preliminary AFE's prepared by others (using the cost from previous project) were off several hundred thousand dollars.
In the preliminary phase of the project, the project scope is not yet fully known and is defined from the existing maps on which the proposed program is laid out.
To submit a good preliminary estimate - time and cost - of the project, Artiva uses Gantt Chart format. Even if a preliminary figure had been given, the client's decision will be based on better estimates of cost and time.