Launching the Project Plan
Building an effective project team is as much of an art as it is a science. Artiva Group is considering not only the technical skills, but also the critical roles and chemistry that must exist between and among the project manager and the team members.
  Purpose of a Work Package

Work packages used by Artiva Group are assigned to a single individual, whom we call an activity manager (or foreman). They are responsible for completing the activity on time, within budget, and according to specification. 


Artiva Group Rules for Developing Commitment to a Project Team

  • Have team members interact frequently, so they gain a sense of being a team

  • Be sure that individual needs are being met through participation in the team

  • Let them all know why the project is important. People don't like working on a "loser".

  • Make sure all members share the goals of the team

  • Keep competition within the team to a minimum. Let them compete with people outside the team, not within it

Recruiting and Organizing Project Team
In order for Artiva Group to be effective in managing projects, its project managers must have authority over the project. Some of the authority is delegated but it is the project manager who is ultimately responsible for the project to be completed on time, within budget and according to specifications. Artiva Group exercises the best leadership skills and diplomacy to ensure the commitment of the resource manager's team members to complete their assigned activity within its scheduled window of time and for producing the activity deliverables according to specification.
Establishing Team Operating Rules
During the project's life cycle there will be problem areas that will require the project manager and the project teams participation in resolving such problems. Artiva Group has Team Operating Rules in place and addressing the following:

Reporting Conflict Resolution
Decision Making Consensus Building
Safety Considerations Team Meetings