Close - Out the Project/Final Phase

Closing the project is fairly routine, yet in many cases seldom done, which is unfortunate because it does have a great value for all stakeholders. This final phase of the project is an evaluation review and should address the following questions:

What went right and why?
What went wrong and why?
Any insights the stakeholder might appreciate?
What did we learn and how to apply our experience to the next projects?

Completing the final phase of the project has several important issues:

Client Acceptance
Project Deliverables
Project Documentation
Post Implementation Audit
Final Report

Client Acceptance

Only the client decides when the project is done. It is the job of project manager to demonstrate that the deliverables meet client specifications.

Project Deliverables

These are established and documented during the defining phase (scope);the typical deliverables in seismic exploration projects are:

According to the Letter of Approval
According to set Survey Accuracy (elevation, location of SP, VP)
According to Budget Criteria, for example within -5% to +10%
Within Timeline Constraints
According to Geophysical Parameters

If the project fulfills the above set criteria it will be declared a success.

Project Documentation

During the project life cycle Artiva Group keeps detailed records and documentation. The list of records and documentation arise naturally in the conduct of the project and include the following:

ü Project Overview Statement ü Copies of all Change Notices
ü Project Proposal and Backup Data ü Copies of all written communications
ü Original and Revised Project Budget and Schedules ü Outstanding issues reports
ü Minutes of all Project Meeting ü Final Report
ü Copies of all Safety Meetings ü Sample deliverable (if applicable)
ü Copies of all Status Reports ü Client acceptance documents

Final Project Report

The Final Project Report prepared by Artiva Group serves as the historical documentation of the project. It is a file that others (within the client's organization) can check, study and evaluate the progress and impediments of the project. The most important items included in the report are:

ü Overall success of the project
ü Organization of the project
ü Techniques used to get results
ü Project strengths and weaknesses
ü Project team recomendations


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The Benefits of Real-World Project Management are enormous...

...perhaps the most important is the accuracy of forecasting the project outcome at its completion. Earned Value Management (EVM) enable us to forecast the outcome with 90% to 95% accuracy and as early as 15% to 20% into the project progress.

NASA defines EVM as, “An integrated management control system for assessing, understanding and qualifying what a contractor of field activity is achieving with program/project dollars. EVM provides project management with objective, accurate and timely data for effective decision making.”

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for scouting, planning, launching, controlling and closing your seismic exploration projects ensures delivery of projects on

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