Artiva Group is a consulting company specializing in management of seismic exploration projects using Project Management Best Practices. Our 35 plus years of field experience and strong knowledge of the Project Management discipline make us a leader in this area. What is Project Management?

Our experience has shown that good planning can decrease the time required to complete a project, even taking the planning time into account. Planning reduces business risk, creates more safety environment and increases production. Effective planning is painful but not as painful as budget overruns, missed deadlines, unwanted surprises and unsafe work environment when no planning is done.
Artiva Group has a responsibility to keep clients informed about the impact of scope changes on the project, protecting them from surprises at the end of the job and protecting Artiva Group from being evaluated on original targets rather than on revised ones. The value of the services provided to our clients is that the projects are completed on time, within budget and to specifications.  Recently a number of organizations (oil companies, acquisition companies) realized the importance of sound and strong project management. More and more companies are looking for people knowledgeable in the principles of project management. This prompted Artiva Group to develop a curriculum specifically designed for the seismic exploration industry and to introduce interested individuals to the project management concept.  

Artiva's mission is to provide our clients with superior project management abilities benefiting them in value-added components with measurable results and therefore ensuring that there are no surprises at the conclusion of the assignment and the projects are completed

... on time, within budget and to specifications